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  • 4+ years of payroll processing experience.
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Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced employees in the area of the payroll management system, which enables us to deliver seamless payroll services to the organizations.


Cost Effective

As one of the leading payroll providers in India, we provide high-quality HR and payroll services at an effective cost to companies so that they can save money and focus on their core business activities.


Customized Solutions

Customized payroll services curated by our in house team of experts to clients as per their specific needs.


Award Winnng Services

Our reputation exceeds us- We are well known for our immaculate HR services. We have built long term relationships with our clients on the basis of work delivery and quality of our HR and payroll services.


Payroll Processing is a fundamental and huge capacity of any organization. Payroll can be a demanding function; since it requires the smooth execution of a few complex tasks like salary calculations, tax consistency, provident fund, and a lot more tasks.

AV People Kart has been conveying payroll outsourcing services for almost 3 years. We are a main organization offering Payroll services in India and bring the right insight and group to the table for HR solutions and finance programming to complete the functionalities of finance handling perfectly. Our clients incorporate various huge and medium-sized organizations to whom we offer top-class finance arrangements.

Role of AV People Kart in Payroll Processing and Payroll Solutions

AV People Kart is one of India's driving organizations giving proficient, extensive payroll and HR services in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. As a component of our total HR Solutions, we give flexible and vigorous payroll services through payroll programming that can eliminate a major strategic weight on the management system and permit them to focus on core business operations.

We let the organization invest energy, assets, and innovation towards business development by assuming control over their finance administrations. There used to be a period when the organizations were following the process for distributing cash before the day was over. Afterward, Payroll services formed into an exceptionally muddled activity because of which various firms in India arose in the Payroll outsourcing services business.

AV People Kart HR Services has been in the payroll outsourcing services in India for 3 years and working with a large number of companies, including emerging organizations, as well as working with worldwide companies. We have fostered a strong payroll processing system. Our presence in Pan-India helps us really be apt to the client's different needs in HR and payroll services over the nation.

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AV People Kart’s Payroll Services India

Payroll management and payroll process isn't just about compensation but also involves bookkeeping reports related to the employee's job background, for example, deductions, salary slips, overtime, bonuses, taxes, and much more from the system. From payroll outsourcing services to the convergence of potent solutions, like payroll, human development, employee compensation, employee services, time, and attendance. we have a positive procedure for you with proper statutory function.

We keep it clear and helpful while as yet giving you a robust system and reliable way for Payroll management services inside legal regulation. Details about the payroll services we offer you under payroll management are listed here.

  • Attendance Management System, Maintaining new employees & resigned worker details, Bonuses, Promotions, Advance payments
  • Payroll software
  • Robust Payroll Processing system
  • Online payroll services
  • Global Payroll Services
  • Maintaining Employee Records and Register from joining to termination
  • Maintaining the Monthly Payroll Records, Tax Records and Reimbursement Records
  • Journal vouchers report
  • Income tax return processing and filling
  • F&F settlement process according to the organization's policy
  • HR tax online
  • Reports, MIS, and Journal vouchers
  • Online investment proof verification
  • Online reimbursement and approval
  • Form 16/12B with digital signature
  • Our experience as a payroll services company

Our experience as a Payroll Services Company

We got the chance to work with driving enterprises in India over a long range of our reality. On our excursion of turning into India's best HR managements and Payroll outsourcing services organization we have developed impressively. We have taken in the significance of solid evaluations, ideal conveyances, and consistent and powerful payroll services and payroll process in agreement to the legal regulation.

Today, AV People Kart HR Services is viewed as by various associations in India to be a reliable accomplice giving forefront and simple to-utilize HR managements and payroll solutions regardless of scale. We give the advantage of offering payroll outsourcing services through a group of experienced individuals in Payroll services with information about the legal regulation. Over the course of the long periods of training, we ensure pay rates and expense estimations will be completed in consistence with the appropriate guidelines and information security will be carried out

So you won't regret investing time and valuable money to execute complicated HR and payroll administration and payroll services with us. In case of minor blunders and passes, you will not need to think about government punishments. Through our expert skill in developing a hearty payroll handling framework comprising of effective payroll service and payroll software, you will not need to keep up to-date with a few applications that should be finished up day to day

Payroll outsourcing has turned into the standard in corporate India and suggests the outsourcing of Payroll and payroll services to a specific Payroll Processing firm. By recruiting the master administrations of a specific payroll service provider, companies can moderate their assets as inner reviews, business charges, charge responsibility, income, and uses, and pay slip systems can be handily taken care of by the outsider in consistence with unofficial laws at the year-end. Organizations generally need outsourcing payroll services to minimize overheads, reduce the HR employee's workload and deliver a transparent pay structure.

It is an important choice to trust another company to deal with the payroll outsourcing services. By moving responsibility for HR services and Payroll to AV People Kart, our clients don't have to stress over delays or errors in the payroll services. It likewise permits the HR employee's to focus on more useful work. We guarantee that you have picked the right payroll provider for your organization by offering the best payroll outsourcing services that are merged with incredible finance programming software to make a smoothed out payroll processing system.

Employees Placed
Years of Experience

Why choose AV People Kart for payroll outsourcing?

accuracy payroll

Accuracy payroll

Absolute accuracy in payroll solutions is one of the key benefits you get when recruit us to meet your payroll service related needs. Our well-qualified team can handle payroll outsourcing services correctly without any error and provide payroll solutions with 100% accuracy.

speed payroll

Speed payroll

Speed is a further benefit of outsourcing payroll to us. When you do payroll administration on your own, you'll need hours and it won't spare you much time to work on key company activities. We offer the best payroll outsourcing services to the clients with fast delivery solutions.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is another huge advantage of outsourcing the organization's payroll management to us at a reasonable cost, since you don't have to set up a payroll staff for your office while you obtain payroll outsourcing services from us.

Error-free service

Error-free service

We provide error-free HR and payroll services outsourcing to the clients from our experienced payroll services staff. Our fully automated payroll processing reduces the chance of mistakes. You can therefore depend entirely on us for accessing error-free payroll services. We are the preferred outsourcing services partners for many leading organizations.

Time saver

Time saver

We give a significant time-saving advantage to the businesses that are outsourcing payroll services to us. You can spend a substantial amount of time in your core business functions, by employing us as your payroll solutions provider and outsourcing payroll services to us.

Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility

We provide flexibility to companies who are outsourcing payroll services to us as per their convenience that is a key factor in choosing us to manage payroll. Our payroll outsourcing services are flexible enough to deal with contingencies without letting you fall into a state of panic.

Confidentiality and reliability

Confidentiality and reliability

We offer reliable payroll outsourcing services with our cutting-edge data security program agreeing to our client’s confidentiality. We are a reliable payroll service provider in India that gives quality assurance while entirely fulfilling your HR and Payroll services related business needs.

Smooth functioning

Smooth functioning

We coordinate the management and deliver payroll services to your organizations through a smooth approach. Administering the organization's payroll management with smooth functioning is assured by our trained workforce of payroll providers.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee total peace of mind by preventing incorrect staff salary slips, tax penalties by ensuring that the main company practices are duly done as per the legislation. We provide absolute success towards satisfying the needs of businesses by offering the best payroll processing system and payroll outsourcing services.

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