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We have delivered staffing solutions for over 19+ years.


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We have our database through years of service in HR and staffing.


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We have been quite flexibile as a staffing company.


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AV People Kart- as a Staffing Solutions Company

AV People Kart is a leading staffing solutions company in India. You can count on us to find suitable candidates for your organization. We provide quality manpower for a number of diverse industries; hence, you can fully rely on us for your staffing and recruitment needs!

An Unwavering commitment to deliver Outstanding Staffing Services

AV People Kart is a main staffing arrangements organization in India. You can rely on us to track down appropriate possibilities for your organizations. We give quality manpower supply to various different businesses; thus, you can completely depend on us for your staffing and enrollment needs! In this advancing business sector, organizations should develop to arising advancements and best practices to recruit and deal with the staffing workforce solutions.

AV People Kart is among the well experienced and top of the line human resource and staffing organizations in India, giving a scope of staffing solutions explicitly customized to our clients' requirements and specific industries. We have an exhaustive set-up of enlistment and staffing arrangements crossing a few disciplines, utilizing our business experience and admittance to an enormous ability pool to satisfy all of the conventional and non-traditional personnel requirements. We have a skilled pool of people with a very long term insight of working in the human resource division on a wide scope of staffing projects. This ability pool is skillful enough in giving staffing solutions for testing openings and positions. We are available at the Pan India level with workplaces in Noida, Delhi.

"While conveying our staffing organizations, we stay up with the nearby locations for employing in a socially different nation like India."

  • Our Staffing Experts are capable at utilizing the most contingent and fastidious strategies of shortlisting candidates, recognizing, evaluating, and choosing appropriate resources with the required expertise, direction, and foundation.

  • We think about the departmental structure and apply it to the job after carefully analyzing the client's working environment models. This departmental structure assists them with recognizing the best asset with the right skill set to meet the work details.

  • Our history in setting up administration with our clients demonstrates our dependability as a staffing office in India. We have clients from assorted areas like IT, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Consulting, Retail, Telecom, and more. It gives us confidence and credibility to work with new associations across each industry.

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Our Temporary Staffing Services

Staffing management can be referred to as recruiting the staff for a particular job for a limited or long period of time. But why do businesses search for workforce solutions for a specific period or longer period of time? Why does the human resource of a company prefer temporary employment, whereas some organizations prefer retention of their employees? What can the employees achieve for the business?

We have been taking care of the contract staffing as well as long-term recruitment, hiring, and training as per the needs of the clients for around two decades.

AV People Kart empowers you to allocate your precious time and resources to more valuable tasks. Selecting the right candidates for employee placement is also a crucial skill, which AV People Kart has attained by working on several job openings and staffing projects. With the increase in talent demand and growth of technology, more and more companies are opting for our staffing solutions in India.

The job seekers looking for a job are being hired at all levels, from junior to senior management. Furthermore, several legislations restrict temporary staffing solutions and make it more difficult for companies to hire temporary staff. Our staffing company is a reputed human resource firm that has proven itself a reliable partner in the temporary and long-term staffing solutions arena; you can leave all the hassles of temporary hiring and management on us and focus on your projects.

AV People Kart's Staffing process

We follow a stringent process to hire the most qualified candidates. The hiring and staffing process to ensure the best picks includes:

Step: 1 Recognizing suitable candidates

This is our first step to identify qualified professionals from various sources. The range of our networks ensures the job-candidate matching process robust and reliable. We employ staff from various sources, including professional job boards, online networks, and professional networking sites.

Step 2: Selecting and screening

Once identifying the right candidates, we then shortlist them and keep their profiles based upon their skills, experience, and potential. This screening process incorporates face-to-face interviews and background checks.

Step 3: Forwarding to the clients

The next step consist of forwarding relevant profiles to the clients for their shortlisting and approval on the quality and relevancy of candidates.

Step 4: Continuous monitoring

We, as a staffing company, do not stop ourselves after the placement of a candidate, but we continuously monitor the employee's performance to make sure that we are providing you the quality service.

Since our inception, we have understood the HR and recruitment challenges keep fluctuating with the growing market. Hence, we keep on adding new strategies and screening processes to hire suitable candidates!

Third-Party Payroll Staffing Services

Payroll services have been an essential part of the human resource services for recruitment. Our staffing company delivers third-party payroll services to big companies as well as small businesses. We have a recruitment team that specializes in third-party payroll hiring.

Our staffing firm involves into:

Resource Staffing Management and Assessment

  • Mapping of manpower.
  • Requirement assessment.
  • Strategy analysis and optimization of cost.

Assessment and evaluation of Competence under Staffing

  • Preparing job descriptions with the perfect roles and responsibilities for a profile.
  • Candidature analysis.
  • Effective assessment.
  • Technical rounds of interviews..

Incorporating Operational Excellence

  • Transparency in employment plans.
  • Timelines and goals that are clear.
  • KPIs and SLAs have been identified.

Improving Employee Experiences in Staffing

  • Clear orientation and training.
  • Grievance management for employees.
  • Feedback and communication.
  • Change administration.

Assurance in Staffing For Quality Control And Compliance

  • As the best staffing firm, we involves in interviewing the background for better placement.
  • Checking e-documents.
  • Top-notch applicant tracking.
  • Reporting and training.
  • Face-to-face round of interviews.

Easy Process Staffing Solutions

  • An easy on-boarding process.
  • Evaluation and analysis of your staffing requirements by our well-trained and skilled team.
  • Available data is critical in speedy hiring.
  • We, as the executives of the best staffing firm, are the experts of compliance management, which means you don't have to worry about rules, policies, regulations, or penalties.
  • Personalization of your needs; we being the best staffing firm, devise solutions specifically for your unique requirements.

Why Choose AV People Kart as a Preferred Staffing Company?

Many human resource companies operating in India lack the experience, infrastructure, and skilled professionals to give desired results. AV People Kart's executives have pioneered the art of searching and hiring employees in adverse conditions, and we have the resources and manpower to deliver talented and qualified professionals. Professional Staffing and placement of employees is a burdensome task for a number of organizations. It needs your resources and time. We are the experts in outsourcing staffing solutions in India. We have highly trained staffing experts who will be committed to finding the right talent for you. Our staffing and hiring process services have enabled our clients to achieve unprecedented growth by diverting their resources to revenue-generating business tasks.

Our offices at different locations in India enable us to develop a local cultural connection with the searching and hiring companies and workforce. We have a record of offering cost-effective outsourcing staffing solutions. From interviewing on resumes to recruitment and shortlisting, our staffing process takes care of different aspects of the hiring process.

Our commitment is straightforward and open, and our staffing firm's experts work closely with clients to ensure outstanding support and a long-term partnership.

Our highly skilled staff is here to provide a good payroll service, recruitment outsourcing services and has a broad range of technical knowledge and is well prepared to meet all of your needs.

As the best staffing firm, we are entirely dedicated to offering technically superior and most effective solutions to our customers by bringing the best players on board and implementing best practices.

Client Orientation
With the Client-First mind set, we, as the best staffing firm, put our whole focus into building winning ideas for our customers, even though it means moving beyond.

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Some of the Job roles for job seekers for which we offer Staffing Solutions

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounts & Finance
  • BPO/Customer care
  • Hospitality Executive
  • Engineers/Mechanics
  • Delivery
  • Retail store executives
  • Receptionist/Front Office
  • Promoters/Merchandisers
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